qualified as an optician and optometrist in 1980 after studying at the Centre for Applied Optical Sciences in Brussels;

is perfectly fluent in Dutch, French and English. German speakers, too, are catered for in their own language;

manages every aspect of his business thanks to a wide experience built up over a period of 23 years;

grew up in Sterrebeek, where he got used to regarding it as perfectly natural to get along with people from all corners of the globe;

works together with the world's most famous glass lens manufacturers (Zeiss, Essilor, Hoya, Pentax);

has been a member of Apoob, the Belgian Professional Opticians and Optometric Association for several years now;

is recognised as a contact lens adjuster by the world's leading contact lens manufacturers (Bausch and Lomb, Ciba Vision, Ocular sciences, Hydron);

buys from the best and most fashion-conscious spectacle manufacturers.